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We are taxi company which will provide you the best vacation time on Adriatic cost. We can offer you organised tours to Vela luka and on island Prvić. 

We have 2 boats and each guest has its own place to sit so you can enjoy in the ride and beautiful landscape of our island. Our boats are departing every 10 to 15 minutes so you can spend more time on beach.

Go on an adventure and explore the beauties of our island. Makes the most of your holiday.

Explore BAŠKA

Baška is one of the best known tourist destination on the island of Krk. 

The town is located in a wide bay surrounded by vineyards and olive gardens with a picturesque background of the rocky mountains of Velebit and the islet of Prvić, which seem to shelter it’s unique 1800 meter long pebbly beach called Vela plaža. In Baška you can find many historical sights such as ruins of Roman baths or Bašćanska ploča (The Baška tablet), one of most important document for Croatians written in Glagolitic script on the stone tablet.

Baška is very proud of it’s long history and culture. There are many historical, sacral buildings, places and monuments which makes it one of the most interesting places on Kvarner.


If you are tired of crowded beaches in Baška, we are offering you a tour to beautiful beach of Vela luka or tour to island Prvić which has few little private beaches. 

Both of destinations are reachable by our boats in 10 minutes. Book your sit on time and make the most of  your holiday time and explore hidden gems of our island Krk.

If you are a bigger group of 12 or more people and you want to explore some of our closest islands, like Goli or Grgur, and learn about their burning past or you just simply want to enjoy in some peace and quite, don’t hesitate to contact us in advance.